The School Board plan is economical and meets our needs

The proposed plan calls for important investments that will improve the security and safety for our students, update older classrooms and labs for technology integration, provide adequate space for special education and increase needed space and accommodate demand for community space. Ours schools range in age from 19- to 63 years-old. Due to this, the majority of our proposed remodeling and new construction would take place at the Middle School/High School, which are the older buildings. Only modest upgrades would be made to the newer elementary facility. The School Board proposes:

Improve Safety and Security for our students

  • Provide controlled entrances and add automatic door access controls to all school buildings to better control who has access to facilities.
  • Add additional security cameras to ensure adequate monitoring abilities of school grounds and facilities.

Updated classrooms and labs for our students and teachers

  • Enough lab space to meet student needs
  • Adequate spaces for special education/support services
  • Increased use of integrated technology in the classroom
  • Add an adequate number of electrical outlets in each classroom
  • Ensure all school facilities meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act standards

Meet community demand for Facilities

  • 700-800 seat performing arts center for use in various school and community capacities
  • Community education space
  • After-school care

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