Our buildings are well cared for, but they have needs that must be addressed

While an independent assessment found that our buildings are in good shape for being 19- to 63-years old, the spaces do not serve our students as well as they could. We understand that education is delivered differently today than when many of our facilities were first built and we need to provide our students with the right space to prepare for the world and the workforce. As a school district, we value high quality education and recognize that our school facilities need improvement to best serve our current students and future generations.

Our schools aren’t as safe and secure as they should be

Our students and teachers need buildings that meet modern security standards. The security and supervision of our facilities need to brought up to modern standards. Both buildings need automatic door access controls to protect students from unwanted visitors. The Middle School/High School entry needs to be reconfigured so that staff can monitor the main entrance. Student pick-up and drop-off areas are crowded and safety is a concern, especially during bad weather.


We need the right spaces and technology access for modern education

Our older classrooms and labs don’t serve our 21st century students well. We need to update these spaces to meet the needs of students and teachers. Crowded classrooms are often not properly equipped for the modern technology use, including lack of electrical outlets. Our elementary school special education/support services are inadequate, with the need for additional dedicated spaces and equipment to best serve these students. Additionally, buildings need to be updated to meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act standards.


Our community appreciates being able to use our schools, but they need to meet our needs

Presently, our facilities do not meet demand for after-school care, community education or performing arts space. The current preforming arts auditorium is under-sized and is used for few productions as there is limited seating. There is no dedicated storage space for production equipment or theatre props. Accessibility for community members with disabilities is also a concern. Currently the auditorium does not meet federal accessibility requirements.

The School Board examined the options for investing in our schools, and prioritized the needs for the referendum.  However, local voters will decide on November 7th whether to approve the tax increase needed to pay for the bonds for the design and construction of the proposed improvements.


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