What will this cost me?

The referendum will ask voters to approve $23 million to fund the plan.

If both questions are approved by voters, the impact on a $100,000 home will be less than $6/month. A business with land or buildings valued at $150,000 will pay around $18/month.

The owners of farms will benefit from a new 40% State Agriculture Tax Credit for school building projects.  For land that is valued at $10,000/acre, each acre will see a monthly increase of around 14 cents if voters approve both questions.

Replacing the high school and building a performing arts center would cost more than $70 million. It is smarter to invest and update our current buildings, and continue to use them for another 50 years.

Home and business property owners can find out more on the district website. Agricultural property owners should call Ehlers, Inc., the district’s financial consultant, at 1-800-552-1171 for specific tax impact information for their property.

For more information, check out our tax calculator.


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